NEWS 2016




NEWS 2016

On this page we will keep you updated on all news for our kennel

27th November

Retriever club show in Næstved, DK

Judge: Patric Ragnarson, Sweeden

Hollie "Golden supreme erase and rewind" exelent, 2nd juniorclass



31st October

INT. Show in Hannover, Germany

Judge: Beate Ting, DE

Hollie "Golden supreme erase and rewind" exelent, 4th in junior

Pinya "Zampanzar Copy And Paste" exelent, 1st in open class. Best female with CAC & CACIB



5th October

Both girls (Pinya and Hollie) had their eyes checked today. Both were clear.



14TH AugustCacib show Bornholm,DK

Judge Anne Liland,NO

Golden supreme erase and rewind. vp, 2nd puppy

SECH DKCH Jww´14 Sunny Delights say it out loud.

1st in ch.class, best male with CACIB & BOB

(owner: Åsa Cederlund)

Zampanzar Copy and paste. 1st in open class, 2nd best female with CAC & res. Cacib




13TH August Cacib show Bornholm,DK

Judge: Wim Wellens,NL

Golden supreme erase and rewind- BOB Puppy

Zampanzar Copy and paste. 1st in open,ck, female. res.cac & res.cacib




11th june Cacib show Vejen. DK

Judge: Wera Hübenthal

Golden supreme envy me- VP baby female

Golden supreme erase and rewind - VP. 4th place baby females

Golden supreme copyright - VG in open class

Xenon Del Valle De Pielagos- exelent,placed 1st. with ck & 5th best male (intermidiate)

Golden supreme Cosmopolitan - exelent, placed 3rd with CK, 4th best female (open)

Western ends come on Eileen - VG in open class




10th June Cacib show vejen.DK

Judge: Petra bannach

Golden supreme envy me- VP. 3.v baby female

Golden supreme erase and rewind - VP.4.v baby female

Golden supreme copyright - exelent,placed 1st with Ck intermidiate male

Xenon Del Valle De Pielagos- exelent,placed 4th with Ck in open males

Golden supreme Cosmopolitan - exelent,placed 2nd with CK intermidiate female

West ends come on Eileen - exelent in open females





21th May.

Carla "Danish delight velvet vera" Compleeted her psycology assesment today :)



14th May.

Golden klub in Dianalund.

Judge for goldens open show: Hanne Kierkegaard,DK (Absolut goldens)

Hollie "Golden supreme erase and rewind" BOB Baby.

Hollie also tried her first workingtest and scored 18-16-20-15-0-0 ( maximum points on each post was 20) Very proud of my baby only 4½ months old.


Juicy "Golden supreme cosmopolitan" Was BOB on the show.

She also made her debut in he working test with following points: 20-15-20-18-20-20. Also becoming 4th best Golden of the day in the beginners class. barely 2 years old. well done to owner. Mette Jæger,DK