About Us

Our family consists of our 2 children, 1 labrador & 2 goldens.

The dogs are a big part of our lives and is very important to us to train them.

We enjoy to show and work with our dogs.

My name is Rikke Andersen

I grew up with cocker spaniels and my near family where breeders of Old English Sheepdogs.

I had my first Golden retriever in 2005 and later i got my affix Golden Supreme.

In 2015 i also got my first OES. 

In 2016 i became a utility judge (brugsprøve) In the danish retriever club.

In 2020 i became authorized FCI judge for the Golden retriever.

2021 I became authorized FCI judge for Old English Sheepdogs.

In 2021 I have started my education to become FCI Judge to the following breeds:

Curly coated retriever & Flatcoated retriever.

My name is Søren Wind.

I grew up with F1 labradors and started helping on field trials at the age of 9 years.

My passion is Hunting & working/field trial tests.

I previously only had males, but in 2018 i got my first bitch and then the dream came of becoming a breeder.

In 2020 we then got the affix Supreme Gundogs.