Judge Anne Liland, NO

exelent,ck 2.BTK CAC. res.cacib

meget tiltalende tæve af prima type, feminint tiltalende hoved, god hals og overlinje, velbygget og velvinklet, effektive bevægelser, meget gode proportioner

Judge. Wim


almost 3 years, typical bitch, lovely head, very feminin and clean, soft expression, correct scissor bite, good neck and shoulders, well balanced over all, good forchest and ribcage, typical coat and feathering, very nice temperament, movement ok

Judge: Doreen McDugan, GB

exelent, placed 1st with CAC! ( intermidiate class)

Short coupled bitch, great proportions, lovely head with dark eyes and pigment. good reach of neck, correct front and angulations. level topline also held on the move. exelent female.

Judge: Bjarn Svein Helgesen, NO

exelent,ck 1st in junior + 4th best female

Great type and balnce, feminin wellshaped head and expression

Very nice neck and topline. super cheast, wellbodied for age.

very nice tailcarriage. muscular thigs, well angulated. super coat

free stabile movements with very nice long steps.

Judge Mikael Laub,DK

Exelent, BOB Junior, BOB & BIG

11 months old feminin female, beautiful head and expression, lovely forehead and muzzle,

correct bite, super neck and topline, lovely tailset, great in body substans

Well angulated in front and rear, lovely substans in bones

very attractive colour and texture of coat

Judge: Jessie B. Madsen,DK

Exelent with CK, 2nd Winner juniorclass

In Whole a really lovely female of good size. Feminin head and expression

beautifull long neck, exeptionel welldeveloped cheast.

exelent angulated. lovely substans in bones, nice length of body. wellset tail and carriage.

Mowes very fluent with super drive.

Judge: Tina Peixoto,PT

Exelent with CK, placed 1st in juniorclass

Lovely type, compact in body. great bones. exelent angulations.

Correct tailset and carriage, super and happy movement.

Judge: Ole Staunskjær,DK

Exelent, placed 1st in junior class.

Wellshaped head, lovely expression. correct bite. exelent topline, well angulated. lovely substans in bones and body. mowes parallel with a lovely drive.

Judge: Ana Darmanovic, Serbia

Very promissing, placed 1st puppy female.

7,5 months old female puppy with very attractive head and expression.

scissorbite. Beautifull long neck. Lovely straight front. Lovely front angulation with

super shoulder position. Exelent cheast and bones. very well angulated behind.

wellset and well carried tail. Mowes beautiful and already so close to perfection.