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27th December 2013

The year is coming to an end and we wish all our friends near and far happy Holidays & happy new year.

Best wishes for 2014.

14 & 15th December 2013.

This weekend I have been back in Spain to visit the Zampanzar Family.

I took my friend Grethe with me and it was a wonderfull weekend and I was so happy to see Muxu again.

We arrived back in Denmark bringing home 2 puppies.

I am very happy to welcome

Zampanzar Copy and Paste "PINYA"

into my home.

Thankyou Paco for all your help through the years and your hospitality.

(Picture taken at Bilbao airport)

2nd November 2013

INT.Show Herning,DK

Judge: Monica Andersson,SE

Elysian blonds eclipse at supreme exelent,juniorclass

West ends come on Eileen vp1, BOS Baby (owner: Kennel Westends)

3rd November 2013

INT show Herning,DK

Judge: Filip Johnsson,SE

Elysian Blonds eclipse at supreme, exelent 4th with CK

West ends come on Eileen, vp1, BOS + BOB Baby (Owner: Kennel Westends)

27th October 2013

International show in Poznán, Poland

Judge: Hana Arenz, AT

Zampanzar Baby Banana, 1st in workingclass & CAC

News 2014

30th November

Christmas clubshow in Naestved,DK

"Happy" BOS male baby ( judge Moa Persson,SE)

"Pinya" exelent in juniorclass (judge D. Hutchinson,GB)

2nd November

judge Olga sinko, slovenia

Golden Supreme Center Stage, best male & BOB Baby

Golden Supreme Cosmopolitan, 2nd baby female

Zampanzar Mr Magic, exelent, ck 3rd in junior class

Zampanzar Copy And Paste, exelent in junior class

1st November

Judge Jens Martin Hansen,DK

Kleiner Munsterlander "Zoli" Best male & BOB puppy

Judge Renée Sporre-Willes, SE

English springer spaniel

one wish stella, exelent 2nd Winner junior class

judge Anette Bystrup,DK

golden retriever

west ends come on Eileen, vg intermidiate class

28th september

Open show in Billund,DK

Judge: Marianne Baden

Golden supreme Center Stage, BOB BABY

Golden Supreme Cosmopolitan, BOS BABY

Golden Supreme Chasing Tails, 3rd in baby males

Golden Supreme Crispy Crisp, 4th in baby females

Judge Michael Laub,DK

Zampanzar Copy And Paste, BOB junior & BOS, BOB & BIG!!!

30th august

GRCG Clubshow, Hoisdorf, Germany

Judge: Mary Neil, UK

Zampanzar Copy and paste, exelent juniorclass

West Ends come on Eileen, 1st intermidiate class with CAC

Zampanzar Baby Banana, 4th in working class

DKK national i Århus d. 24 August

Golden dommer: Jessie B. Madsen.

"pinya" zampanzar copy and paste, 2 vinder i juniorklasse med CK

"Flora" Westends Come On Eileen, 1 vinder i mellemklasse med CK & 4 bedste tæve. ejer: Gitte Schierning

Kleinermunsterlænder dommer: Miklos Lavente

"Zoli" BOB Baby & blandt de sidste 8 i BIS finalen Ejer: Ejnar Brandt

Engelsk springer spaniel dommer: Jochen Eberhardt.

"Carla" One Wish´s Stella. Debut i udstillingsringen 1 vinder i juniorklasse med exelent. Ejer: Hanne Rønn Olsen

26th october 2013 Poznan, poland

judge: A. Stepinski, Poland (oligarchia kennel)

Elysian blonds eclipse at supreme, 2nd in juniorclass

Zampanzar Baby Banana, 3rd in workingclass

4th October 2013.

Spanish champion Zampanzar Baby Love, has returned to her owner and breeder in Spain.

Taking home 1 CAC + 2x res.cac.

& after a Little trip to sweeden I am happy to send her home in whelp.

28th August 2013

National kennel Club show in Varde, DK

Judge: Astrid Lundava, EST

ESCH Zampanzar Baby Love, 1st with CK in Champion Class

Golden Supreme Banana Cupcake, 1st with CK in Intermidiate class

Also had the pleasure to handle:

Westend´s Come on Eileen, VP and BOS in Babyclass

27th August 2013

Golden Club show

Judge:Catherine Zingg, FR.

ESCH Zampanzar Baby Love, 1st in Championclass

3+4th august 2013

What a weekend!!

Zampanzar Baby Banana "COCO" passed another field trial and now holds the title "TRIALER"

At the same time in Bremen, Germany

Elysian blonds eclipse at supreme "LEMON"

was in the showring in juniorclass. Saturday placed 4th, Sunday placed 3rd.

Thankyou Palle and Gitte Rudebeck for showing my girl this weekend

20th july 2013

DRC show in Hoisdorf, Germany

judge: Mr. J.Mccreath, UK

Elysian blonds eclipse at supreme, 3rd in juniorclass

ESCh. Zampanzar baby love, 2nd in Ch.class with res.cac

also had the pleassure to show

Leongolden magic is might, open class males, shortlisted in the last 6 out of 17 ,males.

16th June 2013

CACIB show in Vejen, DK

Judge: Inga Bonnez, DK

Elysian blonds eclipse at supreme, 3rd exelent in junior class

ESCH Zampanzar Baby Love, 1st exelent in championclass

9th june 2013

Retriever dual day.

Zampanzar baby banana was 3rd in open class + 4th best female. judge: jeanette Filskov,DK

Elysian blonds eclipse at supreme, 2nd in junioclass.


Zampanzar baby banana passed the workingtest with the score 81/100points

and was the 5th best on the day.

CACIB Show, Neumunster, Germany ( 1st june 2013)

Judge: Malcolm Godefrey, UK ( Fenwood kennel)

Goldensupreme Banana Cupcake, Exelent in juniorclass

Elysian blonds Eclipse At Supreme, Exelent in Juniorclass

ESCH Zampanzar Baby Love, Exelent, placed 4th in Champion class

Zampanzar Baby Banana, Exelent in open class, shortlisted in top 6


CAC /clubshow, Itzehoe, Germany (2nd june 2013)

Judge: Penny Gowland, UK ( Remington kennel)

Golden Supreme Banana Cupcake, Exelent in Juniorclass

Elysian Blonds Eclpise At Supreme, Exelent, 4th Winner in Juniorclass

ESCH Zampanzar Baby Love, Exelent 2nd Winner with CAC in Champion class

Zampanzar Baby Banana, Exelent in Open class

May 2013

First Health results arrived on our 1st litter:

Golden Supreme Banana Cupcake, Hips A/A + Elbows 0/0

Golden Supreme Bootylicious Baby, Hips A/A + Elbows 0/0

Gratulations to owners

20th May 2013.

National in Svendborg, DK

Judge: Mr. Javier Sancehz Fernandez, ES

Elysian Blonds Eclipse At Supreme, 3rd Winner in juniorclass (debut)

Esch Zampanzar Baby Love, 1st Winner Champion class


Had the pleasure to handle a labrador.

Lindehøjs Honney, 2nd in Juniorclass

( judge: Mr. J. Schepers,NL)

18th May 2013.

National show in Hassleholm, Sweeden

Judge: Mrs. Karin Ericsson, SE

ESch Zampanzar Baby Love, 1st Winner in champion class

11th May 2013.

Golden clubshow in Fjárås, Sweeden

Judge: Mrs. L. Hennessy, UK

ESch Zampanzar Baby Love, 4th Winner in champion class

28th april 2013.

Golden clubshow in Vonge,DK

Judge: Mrs. P. Ann Butterworth, UK

ESCH Zampanzar Baby Love, 2nd Winner in Champion class

7th April 2013

Kennel Club open show

Judge: Inga Bonnez,DK

Elysian Blonds Eclipse At Supreme, BOB Puppy & BIS1

Golden Supreme Banana Cupcake, BOB junior & 2nd best female

EsCh. Zampanzar baby Love, BOB Champion


Retriever Club open show

Judge: Kaj F. Andreasen,DK

Elysian Blonds Eclipse At Supreme was BOB puppy & BIS 1


Int. show in Fredericia, DK

Judge: Mr. Kresten Scheel,DK

Elysian blonds eclipse at supreme "lemon" was VP, placed 2nd in babyclass


danish kennel club open show in DK

Judge: Gerner Hahn Sørensen,Dk

Golden Supreme Banana Cupcake had her debut in juniorclass.

exelent, placed 1st & BOS

Gratulations to the very proud owners at kennel Rudebecks

2/2-2013 DRC open show in DK

judge: Leif Lehrmann Jørgen,DK

Elysian blonds eclipse at supreme "Lemon", 2nd winner babyclass

Zampanzar baby banana "coco" 1st winner open class, 3rd best female

18th of November 2012

Open show in Denmark

Judge: Jens Martin Hansen,DK

"Coco" Zampanzar Baby Banana

ex,2nd open class, 2nd best female


"Nanna" GoldenSupreme Banana Cupcake

Very promissing, 2nd best puppy female


"Jazz" GoldenSupreme Bad-Ass Baby

Very promissing, 3rd best puppy male


"Lemon" Elysian Blonds Eclipse At Supreme

Had her showdebut at just 3 months old.

BOB Baby & BIS 2 (all breeds)!

4th of November

Nordic winner show in Denmark

Judge: Tino Pehar, Croatia

Goldensupreme Banana Cupcake, BOS Puppy

3rd of November

Danish winner show in Denmark

Judge: Sverre Sand,DK

Goldensupreme banana cupcake

2nd in puppyclass females

29th of October 2012

Golden Supreme Banana Cupcake

(zampanzar baby banana & Guldruschens check me out)

International show in Hannover, Germany

Judge: Barabara Muller,CH

"Nanna" had her debut in puppyclass with 6½months and was number 1!

29 of september 2012

Heatwave Spirit Of Northern Skies "Jazz"

Is back with his breeder in Sweeden.

Kennel Heatwave, Fanny and Helena Hellstrøm

26th of August.

National show in Århus,DK

Judge: Erwin Deutcher, Austria

Heatwave spirit of northern skies, ex 3rd with Ck in Juniorclass

Diamond of gentle scout mohawk, ex 1st with Ck in Championclass


Golden Supreme Banana Cupcake had her debut in the showring at 4½ months old

She went BOB Baby under judge Erwin Deutcher,Austria and later BIS 3 (all breeds) under judge Peter L. Jensen,DK

What a day for her owners Palle & Gitte Rudebeck who also had their debut showing a golden. Well done

11th of August

Zampanzar Baby Banana passed her first official field trial with 2nd price

17th august


Golden judge: Tina Peixoto,PT

LTCH SECH DKCH Sunny delights last cover up, 2nd best male with res.cacib

zampanzar copy and paste, exelent,ck 1st in juniorclass

zampanzar baby banana, exelent 3rd in working class


judge: Antoan Hlebarov,BG

"Zoli" BOB BABY & BIS 2 (bis judge tina peixoto,pt)


16th august


judge: Ole Staunskjær,DK

LTCH SECH Sunny Delights last cover up, 3rd best male with CAC NEW DKCH!

Zampanzar copy and paste, exelent 1st in junior class

Zampanzar Baby banana, vg 2nd in working class

Kleiner munsterlander:

"zoli" BOB Baby and BIS 1 (bis judge Jørgen Hindse,DK)

22nd june

DKK Vejen, DK

Judge: Connie Svane, DK

Trialer Zampanzar Baby Banana was 1st in workingclass with exelent and CK

Breed & Group judge.: Gert Christensen, DK

Kleiner Munsterlander "Acko"

placed 1st in open class with exelent CK, BOB with CACIB & CRUFT QUALIFY 2015 + BIG 4

(Owner: Ejnar Brandt, DK)

21st june

DKK Int. show Vejen,DK

judge. P. Beyersdorf, DE

"Flora" Westend´s come on Eileen,

placed 1st in juniorclass Exelent with ck & 4th best female

11th June.

"Lemon & Casper" puppies have arrived.

6 males & 2 females .

1st June

INT. show in Neumunster, Germany.

judge: Ana Darmanovic, Serbia

Zampanzar Copy And Paste "pinya". vp 1 best female puppy

Zampanzar Baby Banana, exelent, placed 2nd in workingclass with CAC!

7th April.

"Coco" er blevet scannet for 2. gang og desværre bliver der ingen hvalpe i denne omgang.

Nu krydser vi fingre for der kommer hvalpe fra "lemon & Casper"

"Coco" has been to her 2nd ultrasound. Sadly there is no puppies this time.

Now we cross fingers for puppies from "Lemon & Casper"

29th March

Golden Club show in Cloppenburg, Germany.

Judge: Gillian Wicklow & Angela Aulton, GB

"Lemon" Elysian blonds eclipse at supreme, exelent 4th place in intermidiate class.

I also had the pleasure of handling

"Taylor" DKCH SECH Dewmist Lost In La Mancha, exelent 4th place in champion class.

"Flora" West Ends Come On Eileen, Exelent in Juniorclass.

1st March

Retriever clubshow in Nyborg, DK

Judge: Sverre Sand, DK ( Kennel Waterloo)

"Flora" West Ends Come On Eileen, Exelent + CK, placed 2nd in juniorclass

"Lemon" Elysian Blonds Eclipse At Supreme, Exelent +CK, placed 2nd in Intermidiate class

"Coco" Zampanzar Baby Banana, Exelent, placed 1st in Workingclass

15th Februar

Int. show, Torshavn, Faroe Islands (Færøerne)

dommer/judge. Annette Bystrup, DK

Golden supreme baby cakes "stina"

1st exelent, ck from intermidiate class + BOS & BOB

Ejer/ owner. Elisabeth Joensen-Næs

1 Februar.

Lemon har bestået brugsprøven under dommer Steen Christensen i Marbæk.

Tusind tak til Gitte fra kennel West end´s for at tage prøven for mig.

Today Lemon passed the drc utility test under judge Steen Christensen.

18th January 2014

Open show in Bække,DK

Judge: Laila Ager, kennel skylock & Kaj Falk Andreasen, kennel shadowfax (DK)

"Pinya" 3rd in baby class

"Flora" BOB puppy & BIS 1 puppy

"Lemon" 2nd in juniorclass

"Coco" BOB workingdog & BIS 2 Workingdog